Surgery Policies

In line with NHS zero tolerance guidelines on abuse of patients and staff, this practice will not tolerate any incidents of physical or verbal abuse to staff or other patients.

We have the right, under the eight day rule, to remove a patient from the practice list for using threatening and/or abusive behaviour to either practice staff or other patients while on the premises. We also reserve the right, in exceptional circumstances, to request the police to come and escort patients from the premises.

Occasionally in the heat of the moment an ill patient may lose control of their temper. We are aware that both patients and relatives may be under stress and we do take this into consideration and try to help where possible.


Our Agreement With You

      The Practice will:

  • Provide a personal, friendly and confidential service

  • Treat patients with courtesy and respect whatever their culture, beliefs, sexual orientation or illness

  • Endeavour to see patients within 20 minutes of their appointment time and inform patients if there is any significant delay


Your Agreement With Us

      We expect you to:

  • Treat the staff courteously

  • Use the surgery appointment system - except in emergencies

  • Cancel your appointment, as soon as you know you don't need it, so it can be offered to another patient

  • Request home visits only when you are too ill come to the surgery

  • Bear in mind that from time-to-time, medical emergencies may disrupt surgeries - we would be grateful for your understanding and patience if this arises

    You have the right to:

  • Have a new patient health check when you register with our practice

  • Be offered a health check once a year at the surgery, or at home if you are housebound

  • Receive information regarding the services provided by the practice

  • Be offered routine screening if you are aged 16-75 and have not been seen by a doctor or nurse in the last three years

  • Be offered a consultation if you are aged 75 and over, and have not had a consultation within a 12 month period