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Your Records

How to Access Your Notes

You have a legal right to access your health records under the Data Protection Act 1998. If you wish to access your health records please write in to the Practice Manager to arrange an amicable time and date for this to be carried out. 

There will be a fee chargeable for this service. Please also see our link on Patient Confidentiality


Summary Care Record

If you are registered with a GP practice you will have a Summary Care Record (SCR) unless you opted out. Your SCR includes important information about your health, such as medicines you are taking, allergies you may have or any bad reactions to medicines.

If you need to be treated by healthcare professionals that do not know your medical history, having an SCR means your vital information can be recalled. This can help staff involved in your care make better and safer decisions on how to treat you.

For any further information or to opt in or out, call into the surgery.


Your records
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